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Book summary: Talking to Strangers - Assignment Example

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For example, the whites view blacks as strangers. These have created racism due and extended to unemployment, public education and presence of crimes among the blacks and whites. The cause of racism…
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Book summary: Talking to Strangers
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Extract of sample "Book summary: Talking to Strangers"

Talking to Strangers Talking to Strangers According to Allen, Talking to strangers relates the practice of democracy. For example, the whites view blacks as strangers. These have created racism due and extended to unemployment, public education and presence of crimes among the blacks and whites. The cause of racism includes the blame by the whites and blacks originating from the lack of trust between the two races.
The interracial distrust among the whites and blacks has led to democracy integration. For example, the whites and blacks do not believe each other due to the presence of low-grade civil wars in the United States. Due to the distrust, political indifferences become evident, and they exist as strangers with each other and to the government.
In response to the political disintegration, some view the federal government as dictating the will of the citizens, hence regarded as a stranger to the citizens. In attempt to deal with the stranger, the government, citizens decided to join the political units that serve their interest. The policy indifferences make the two races exist as strangers and against the practice of the government.
After the realization that the two races living as strangers face on ordinary stranger, they decide to settle the score. According to Allen, the possible outcomes to end the strangeness among the two races include the electoral distrust of the majority need to change into trust. The group needs to leave and rebel against policy and retaining the group under forces.
However, the solution to the strangers situation includes citizens drafting methods to gain trust among the two races by having plans with mutual benefit. For example, eliminating the majority to rule and allowing minority practice policy and practice of freedom of expression.
Whites Blacks
Making drafts with mutual benefit both whites and blacks to create trust
Elimination of the majority rule and manipulation of the electoral process
Allowing the practice of policy by blacks and freedom of expression.
Allen, D. S. (2004). Talking to strangers: Anxieties of citizenship since Brown v. Board of Education. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Read More
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Book Summary: Talking to Strangers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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