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Review of 2 Chapters Rich and Poor, Climate Change - Book Report/Review Example

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In the 8th chapter titled, “Rich and Poor”, Singer (2011) emphasises the two sides of one coin referring to the differences persistent among the poor and the rich even in the current societal context. When elaborating on the differences, Singer (2011) highlighted the…
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Review of 2 Chapters Rich and Poor, Climate Change
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Download file to see previous pages The chapter thus discusses about the current situation where apart from poverty, people are dying from natural disasters and other diseases. Singer (2011) also argues in this chapter that everyone can help the poor directly through the organizations taking initiatives to help the poor by sufficing their fundamental needs. Simultaneously, the growing population was the other important consideration highlighted in the chapter, further arguing that it should be brought under control. With the increase in population, the distributions of basic amenities are diminishing, resulting in malnutrition, poor sanitation and health treatment and unsafe drinking water.
The chapter on “Rich & Poor” argues with a number of interesting themes. However, among others, the most interesting and argumentative theme was concerning the differences between the rich and the poor and how can such gaps be minimized. It is a factual matter that rich people are using the poor as steps towards their profits with only a negligible proportion of value addition to the living of the poor. Thus, as a result, the rich are became affluent and the poor are becoming increasingly poverty-stricken (Singer, 2011).
From a critical perspective, Singer (2011) can be stated to have noted it rightly that if the rich people are sacrificing their luxurious dreams and are committed to serving the poor delivering a bit greater value to their choices, this difference shall be minimised accordingly. People should encourage the development and welfare of the needy towards the successful establishment of governmental measures to suffice the basic needs of the community. As Singer (2011) quotes, “We can juxtapose a picture of ‘absolute affluence’ against this picture of absolute poverty” (pp. 193).
In chapter 8, Singer (2011) raises many critical and important issues that should be considered when dealing with poverty. Among these various issues, the arguments drawn in the chapter that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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