They came before Columbus - Book Report/Review Example

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It gives a vivid account of this migration that was forced and not voluntary on the part of the Africans. The author introduces the Africans and also how America was at this time that they were coming to settle in here as slaves…
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They came before Columbus
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Summary The book discusses how Africans came into America. It gives a vivid account of this migration that was forced and not voluntary on the part of the Africans. The author introduces the Africans and also how America was at this time that they were coming to settle in here as slaves (Sertima, 4). The writer gives enough evidence based on other books. Some of the contents covered include: The Secret Route from Guinea, Africans Across the Sea and African-Egyptian Presences in Ancient America. It also discusses what was happening to these Africans before being taken up by force from their countries before and during colonization and the reasons behind their forced migration into a strange land.
In connection with what topic in this unit did you read this book?
This is in connection with the topic about American People before and during slave trade which basically gives a history of America including the migration of Africans into America and which areas they first settled in and what their work was. It also discusses the rampancy of slave trade and how the slaves who were the African immigrants were brought to work on the cotton plantation and how they later revolted and ended slave trade.
Understanding the topic
The reading sheds more light into the events that took place during that period and especially about the causes of slave trade and how it came to be established in America and its rampancy before it was abolished. I understood how America was operating before the Africans came and how all that changed when they came.
Book evaluation
The author’s wrting talents and knowledge in this field helps to make the readers visualize exactly what was taking place with the Africans and to also the Americans. It is well written in simple and easy to understand language unlike other books in the same field which have a lot of jagon. I therefore recommend it to other historians and also non-historians interested in knowledge about Africans and Americans and especially the slave trade.
Work Cited
Sertima, Ivan. They came before Columbus: the African presence in ancient America. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2003. Read More
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They Came before Columbus Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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