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Different forms of paternalism - Coursework Example

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This essay “Different forms of paternalism” will disqualify that Paternalism is necessary and is useful in controlling the Blacks. This results from the assumption that Blacks are naturally rowdy since the colonial times and needs to be controlled…
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Different forms of paternalism
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Extract of sample "Different forms of paternalism"

Different forms of paternalism
Different forms of paternalism are manifested in different contexts depending on the situation at hand. This explains why Academician Murray Foreman justifies the paternalistic assumption based on the film, Colors. This results from the assumption that Blacks are naturally rowdy since the colonial times and needs to be controlled and supervised by the Whites at all times. However, in the film Drumline, the situation is different since no Black supervision is required in the specific context. This essay will disqualify that Paternalism is necessary and is useful in controlling the Blacks.
Paternalism is not a mere construct that was used to subdue the Black race so as the Whites would take advantage of them since they were views as the weaker race. A move by the Blacks to fight for their rights does not justify that Blacks are unruly and must be controlled and supervised by the Whites.
Colors vs. Drumline in line with paternalism
The view on paternalism materializes in Colors in both a positive and a negative way. In the film Colors, the concept of paternalism is well presented by Dennis Hopper. In the film, gang culture is evident. Hopper (1998) presents the Black and Latino youth gangs fighting each other and with the police. The attempts to control the gang problems present a clear evidence of racist and paternalistic assumptions by the Whites. In this context one would argue that paternalism is required so as to control the gang issues. For instance, in the scene where a family is offloading beach stuff, and are suddenly attacked by a gang of people that are shirtless, in bandannas, sunglasses and in hairnets (Hopper, 1988). Even after the man attempts to protect himself, the gang stabs him. The scene on the White Fence neighborhood explains on the needs for paternalism to control the Blacks and their gang issues as we see a kid spray painted on the face and confrontations begin (Hopper, 1988).
It is essential to note, nonetheless, that not all the outbreaks of violence in the film are Black and gang related. In line with this thought, therefore, paternalism is disqualified. One would even argue that the police were actually fighting towards outnumbering the Blacks and the Latino in all means. The police are seen to dress in black and armed with guns while the Blacks and Latino look helpless and most of them having a bandanna on the heads and sun glasses (Hopper, 1988).
The film Drumline is a complete contrast of Colors. In this film, the cast is comprised of a majority Blacks that does not engage in crimes, rap music and crimes like in the case of Colors. Racism is also not existent in Drumline. The youths in this context are dedicated to their music and marching bands and are dedicated to succeed in this course and even win in the respective competitions (Stone III, 2008). In this context, no control and supervision is required for the Black population; thus, an invalidation of the basis of paternalism. The difference revolves around the communities of the Blacks in Colors and in Drumline being different. In Colors, the society is racist forcing the Blacks to revolt while in Drumline, the society appreciates the colored people; hence no revolts (Stone III, 2008). The representation of Black community determines the type of Black males that will be bred.
Conclusively, from the films, paternalism is applied to control the Blacks. It is not at all times that the Blacks were unruly and needed to be controlled. In the context of unruly Blacks, paternalism is still not justified, since it is the racist conditions that led to a revolt from the Blacks.
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Different Forms of Paternalism Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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