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Local ownership a dilemma in peace building - Essay Example

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Post-conflict peacekeeping and resolution are of fundamental importance in changing the underdeveloped and developing countries previously affected by wars. Several actors participated in the peacekeeping process. These actors include military, locals, international communities,…
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Local ownership a dilemma in peace building
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Download file to see previous pages Local ownership as far as the peace building is concerned refers to the degree of involvement of the domestic actors in formulation and implementation of a political process. In addition to local ownership issues, the Afghanistan state has remained crippled due to rampant corruption, emboldened insurgency and political disunity. The citizens have already grown tired of having international bodies present and demand the return of ownership of policies to their state. However, there is great tension that chaos might reemerge once the international communities hand over the local ownership to the Afghanistan citizens. The paper gives a analyses the dilemma that faces the local ownership especially in the Afghanistan state.
The citizens of Afghanistan began opposing the idea of local ownership after making several findings about the local ownership process, according to the Afghanistan case study. The case study shows that local ownership process in Afghanistan is subject to both practical and structural problems. Practical problems identified by the case study include mutual mistrust, dependence on external forces and lack of capacity among others. Structural problems identified include moral superiority and problem of the independence in the state.
Primarily, the findings show that the local ownership process in Afghanistan was not feasible because there was mutual mistrust and suspicions between the various actors involved in the peace-making process. This deepened the tension amongst the citizens. They no longer trusted each other and thus making it difficult to have a common political leadership that all the citizens and the actors, both local and international would agree to. Despite the local and international actors having a common goal of intervention, differences arose over what a sound end state capable of sustainable peace appears like and how to attain it. The various actors could not agree due to mistrust.
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