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Pverty, money and love - Essay Example

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Through our young age, we learned give and help poor people. According to the Christian doctrine, giving to poor people presents as giving to God.  Poor people will always…
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Pverty, money and love
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Extract of sample "Pverty, money and love"

Poverty, Money and Love The stories we tell others matters and the way we participate in our stories is of great importance. Through our young age, we learned give and help poor people. According to the Christian doctrine, giving to poor people presents as giving to God.  Poor people will always material resources to help them and they will always be with us. The attitude we have when we give to the poor can be condescending. A person may feel guilty because he or she has acquired wealth when the poor have nothing. Hence, some contribute to the poor as a transaction so that they could move on with their lives. This affects the way we can have the desire to be meaningful in someone’s life.
An organization called Kiva embraces the methodology of helping entrepreneurs with loans so that they can start their own business and give returns as their business makes profits.  From Kiva, many small businesses have succeeded, which improves the state of being of a person’s life. Kiva today collects about 150 million dollars spreading over 200 countries.
Many small businesses in the United States and in the World need money to grow or do what they need to do, or they need money on a hard month.  There is always a need for resources. These resources do not come from where we expect such as banks, venture resources and other organizations in support structures. They come from friends and family. Findings come from friends and family amount to 130 billion dollars a year.
There is a big revelation today in poor communities in the world. Unlike sending a donation where a person receives money for free, we have small entrepreneurs who get a loan and start their own businesses. Then later give returns where their businesses have succeeded. The thought of this is not only inspirational, but it displays respect and hope that the world will change especially when we know and care about poor people. Read More
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Pverty, Money and Love Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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