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Scraping for Joy in Matthew Dickman`s Poetry - Assignment Example

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The author states the writer serves as teacher evoking subtle feelings in the readers` hearts and making them notice the tiniest details. Dickman constantly reminds his reader that the time is running out and that we all are mortal so living life to its fullest is the only reasonable choice.  …
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Scraping for Joy in Matthew Dickman`s Poetry
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Extract of sample "Scraping for Joy in Matthew Dickman`s Poetry"

Download file to see previous pages The poem “Slow Dance” is aimed to give an indirect answer to this question as the reader has to make conclusions himself. Dickman instantly attracts the reader`s attention with the title of the poem as slow dance can evoke associations in everyone who did it at least once. A slow dance is a deeply intimate and sophisticated action and a state of mind when two people get close to each other moving in a rhythm of the music. Slow dance can become the beginning of a love affair or a ritual step into married life. A slow dance is usually an expression of the real bond between people who mean making their connection even stronger dancing a slow dance.
Dickman emphasizes the fact that we desperately need this slow dance more than anything else in the world; however, he implies deeper sense under this concept. The author finds accurate comparisons for this issue:
Therefore, slow dance epitomizes something much bigger than a dance, an action, and a ritual. Slow dance serves as a metaphor of elusive moments of happiness in life, which are only noticed when they are over or recognized by tiny details and hues of feelings:
Such slow dances remind me of swimming or falling asleep, which are often mechanic to such an extent that you lose the sense of reality. These magic moments of leaping from conscious to the unconscious with the help of natural motions and states can be achieved by anyone anytime. Dickman as one of the most sensitive poets tries to attract readers` attention to that fact, explaining that there is no need to be a poet to “ride a dragon”. And slow dance is even more efficient for such leaps as it involves music:
Dickman shows that the presence of a close person is one of the most mystical moments in daily life which we rarely pay attention to. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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