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The health care policy is always formed in the midst of strong political consideration at the national level. Irrespective of the organization of the political systems or their level of success,…
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Download file to see previous pages The approach of this paper in measuring the political concerns to health care issues across time is drawing on the information provided by the Policy Agenda project. The policy agenda project employs the services of coders who are experts in categorizing political activities into mutually specialized topic areas. The health agenda is subdivided into 20 subtopics, which are among health care facilities, insurance access, and medical procedures among other divisions. In this volume, political activities over a 50-year period will be analyzed. The paper will make a comparison between Denmark and US and analyze the changing political attention levels to healthcare (Longley, 2007). The political attention will be measured on basis of the subjects discussed in parliamentary debates and questions presented by members of opposition to the government.
Every citizen’s expectation is that relative concerns to healthcare have increased along with the rising demand for healthcare services. It is indeed true that through time the political attention on the policy of health care have increased tremendously in both political systems, i.e. in Denmark and in the US. The state of affairs can be attributed to the politicians’ interest to serve the public to appease them that in future they might stand chances for considerations during voting.
Careful examination of the overall progress in political attention to healthcare across time shows a gradual increase in the levels of the congress attention to the healthcare policy. The level of concern given to healthcare policy in both the US and the Denmark political systems ranged from 1.5 to 4 percent. This occurrence was with respect of the form of activities that were being carried out by both political institutions. By the year 2002, the level of attention given to the healthcare policy relative to other agendas in both ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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