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PATRIOT Act - Essay Example

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This paper examines the political philosophies of John Locke, and Thomas Hobbes, and makes a conclusion on which philosophy better reflects the provisions of the Patriot Act. John Locke is one of the most important modern political philosophers. He was able to defend the claims…
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Download file to see previous pages This is because he explains that there is a need of submitting a leader who is not accountable to the people. The Patriot act on the other hand is a law enacted in 2001, aimed at fighting and preventing terrorism within the country.
Thomas Hobbes in his book, the Leviathan, sets out to outline the best principles of government that can lead to prosperity, stability and peace. Thomas Hobbes begins his explanation of the role of the government, by explaining how life would be, without the government(Kitanov, 2011). Under this situation, life would be difficult and anarchic, because people would be engaged in carrying out anything that they want. They can kill, steal, or engage in activities aimed at frustrating their neighbors, just because they are strong. This is a condition that Thomas Hobbes refers to as, “The State of Nature”.
For purposes of creating order within the society, there is a need of creating a social contract, and establishing a civil society (Hobbes and Schuhmann, 2003). This civil society should be governed by a sovereign authority who is not answerable to them (Kitanov, 2011). Furthermore, people within the society should cede some of their basic rights, for purposes of acquiring protection from the sovereign authority. Based on these facts, Thomas Hobbes believes that the doctrine of separation of powers does not exists, and this is because the sovereign must control the judiciary, the civil society, the military, and he must have the ecclesiastical powers (Hobbes and Schuhmann, 2003).
Hobbes therefore explains that it is only through an absolute monarchy, that the society can be protected from the state of nature. By closely looking at these principles established by Thomas Hobbes, it is possible to explain that Hobbes was advocating for a dictatorship (Kitanov, 2011). This is a form of governance, where its citizens have very limited rights, and they cannot play a role in the governance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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