How to bounce back from Adversity - Essay Example

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At the time, I really wanted to play in the band that was formed by my friends. They told that I could join them if I learned one song…
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How to bounce back from Adversity
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How to bounce back from Adversity Speaking of situations in my life when I was able to turn a negative experience into a positive one, I should recall one particular instance. At the time, I really wanted to play in the band that was formed by my friends. They told that I could join them if I learned one song and so I did. However, when we started playing together it appeared that I was not proficient enough. I failed and they never wanted to play with me again. However, I decided to put my efforts in a different direction and sing instead. It appeared that I had a rather decent voice; so, now karaoke is one of my hobbies.
In order to counter adversity I usually try to regain the control over the situation and estimate the objective impact of the negative situation. This allows me to see the problem from a different perspective and make sure that I will do the right choices (Margolis & Stoltz, 2010). I truly believe that while being under stress a person should never make any significant decision.
Keeping all this in mind, I might conclude that I am a rather resilient person. Indeed, I often used the above mentioned technique in order to deal with unpleasant situations that I encounter and there was no time when it failed. In addition to that, I am sure that taking control over a small part of crisis is an approach which might be utilized under any circumstances and will sure be helpful later in life.
Margolis, J., & Stoltz, P. (2010). How to Bounce Back from Adversity. Retrieved February 7, 2015, from Read More
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