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Articles summary and critique - Essay Example

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With regard to the employers, prosperity implies increased dividends and development of business branch. On the other prosperity among employees involves improved efficiency and…
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Articles summary and critique
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, there is need for the provision of essential training in order to enable maximum efficiency and speedy delivery. Furthermore, through eradicating pace in slow working will be to the advantage of the employer and employee. Reason being, it will lead to increased outputs for both men and the machine. With regard to clear facts, the existence of maximum prosperity depends on employees’ daily attendance. However, the main causes of men deliberately underperforming results from fallacies, faulty management system, and inefficient rule-of thumb method.
The old management systems emphasized on allocation of final responsibility to workers with minimal advice and help. However, according to scientific laws, the management ought to be tasked with the responsibility of overseeing operations of a company. Consequently, this motivates the worker to perform their roles much better than they would have done.
Beneath the management of incentive and initiatives, the entire problem associated with management is up to the worker. On the other hand, within the context of scientific management part of the problem is up to the management.
The purpose of the study was to present the fundamental aspects involved in scientific management. The author’s point of argument is that the main purpose of management is safeguarding the maximum prosperity for both the employers and employees. Furthermore, the author asserts that maximum prosperity for both the workers and the employers should be the leading factors of management. In addition, the author believes that even though disagreements between employers and employees are rampant (due to the existing perception that the two factions cannot unit) he is confident that the two are the same. Therefore, they need each other for prosperity of both employees and employers. Lastly, the writer purports that within the management context problems experiences involves the worker while under scientific ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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