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While property owners gain from economic advancements, workers suffer the curse of impoverishment. Besides experiencing impoverishment, workers also undergo the menace of…
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Alienation In his manuscripts, Marx outlines two categories of members including the property owners and workers. Whileproperty owners gain from economic advancements, workers suffer the curse of impoverishment. Besides experiencing impoverishment, workers also undergo the menace of alienation. Marx reasons that the workers relationship with the object of his work is characteristic of isolation and a decreasing standard of living. According to Marx, the reason to decline in standards is due to objectification of labor (71). Marx’s statement, “the worker is related to the product of his labor as to an alien object,” captures the meaning of alienation (72). It implies that the products (or services) made defines workers.The higher the valuation of the product, the less the worker is valued implying that workers contributing to economic growth benefit least.
Marx explains the controversy between human investment and expected gains, whereby workers receive the least from the economic advancement compared to property owners, because of capitalism influence (Marx 70). Marx’s assertion that “The worker becomes a slave of his object” implies a condition of dependence by a worker because the object product determines labor. Enslavement is because devaluation of workers, thereby compelling them to provide labor consistently. The concept of alienation has various effects in different societal settings, which involve both communist and capitalist. Communist and capitalist societal settings contrast each other. The communist society helps to streamline the inter-relation between labor and product through common delegation of resources (Marx 66). Contrary to communism, capitalist uphold the existence of private property, which is the apex of alienation (Marx 79). Private property is an ultimate idea in capitalistic societies. According to Marx, private property advocates the existence of inhuman power (100). Inhuman power concerning alienation involves the exploitation of the work force by the wealthy. Resource delegation in such cases of capitalism favors the wealthy who enjoy other people’s investments.
Marx maintains that capitalism causes people to be self-centered making them regard others as useful entities for their success (101). He argues that the human activity in the absence of alienation is normal due to the lack of abstraction (74). The product and labor value have inherent relations because of lack of devaluation production processes. The products’ nature defines human activity. However, the product in a society does not define it if it is not alienated. People have autonomy on their decisions and actions. Marx argues that the human nature is not vile and needs are considered in the broad spectrum of the entire human race capturing its essence (84). The exploitation, which is the case in alienation, emanates because self-actualization does not occur when private property is not of concern. Marx’s statement that “so as thereby to find satisfaction of his selfish need” implies that common delegation of resources in a society that is not alienated (93). The issue of inhuman power does not exist and humanity rather than products define people. The human society is defined by human nature (Marx 90). With the essence of humanity defining human character, individuals seek the influence of others rather than influence them because the issue of inhuman power does not exist.
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Marx, Karl. Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844. Courier Dover Publications, 2012. Print. Read More
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