(Course: Ethics, Decision Making, and Communications.) Code of Ethics : The Ethical Code Letter - Assignment Example

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It is a great honor and pleasure for me to write to you in the times when our company is facing the threshold of its new age: the time when we all will introduce some changes in the way we see the business world as well as people who work in it. There is no doubt that in this…
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(Course: Ethics, Decision Making, and Communications.) Code of Ethics Assignment: The Ethical Code Letter
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Download file to see previous pages in the course of several pages I will not be able to address every issue; however, it will do my best to do the following: address some issues that recently happened in our company and provide you with a set of questions that might be used to guide you in difficult situation.
Thus, as many of you have probably noticed, one of the notions that our company has been putting a tremendous emphasis on is diversity. Indeed, there are have been several campaigns in order to celebrate the contribution to our company that is made by people who come from a cultural background that is different from ours. It was my great delight to see that all employees were willing to participate in these activities. However, I would like to out the following: this policy of equal respect and appreciation should not be viewed as a temporary episode in the development of our company. In other words, it is extremely important that we all adhere to the principle of respecting diversity on a daily basis and, especially, when there is no one to judge it. I place my faith in you, knowing that you will not let me down.
Another problem that I would like to address is gift making. It is true that the society which we all live in has a wonderful tradition of making gift to others. Indeed, this is an effective tool to express a wide range of emotions. Nevertheless, please know that a gift and a bride are two different things: the former fills one’s soul with joy while the latter corrupts one’s soul and has a devastating effect on the company. Next time you or one of your colleagues is offered a gift, no matter whether it is expensive or not, think about the implications that it might have. If there is more than sheer gratitude, if some actions are expected in return, you have full moral obligation to turn this as a bride.
As we all know, the business has been going great recently and we finally were able to enter the international level. However, with this success comes great responsibility: on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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((Course: Ethics, Decision Making, and Communications.) Code of Ethics Assignment)
(Course: Ethics, Decision Making, and Communications.) Code of Ethics Assignment. https://studentshare.org/social-science/1674708-course-ethics-decision-making-and-communications-code-of-ethics-assignment-the-ethical-code-letter.
“(Course: Ethics, Decision Making, and Communications.) Code of Ethics Assignment”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/social-science/1674708-course-ethics-decision-making-and-communications-code-of-ethics-assignment-the-ethical-code-letter.
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