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States have a duty of protecting their people and to promote non material and material welfare. Many states however may not accomplish such duties and are referred to as fragile states…
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Discuss a Popular or Literary Representation of China
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China; a fragile al affiliation) The action of the s affects the wellbeing of the citizens and developmental issues. States have a duty of protecting their people and to promote non material and material welfare. Many states however may not accomplish such duties and are referred to as fragile states. According to Fox (2008), China is among the states that are considered fragile. It is placed in position 66 among the fragile states. Many fragile states find it a challenge in provision of public service and infrastructure, provision of leadership, security, safety and justice. China is one of the countries that is considered a fragile state but has continued to make progress both economically and politically. Even though some challenges such as climate change is still affecting the country as a result of continued utilization of coal as a source of fuel. The article indicates that china is currently considered a major economic force among the developing states. It has continued to boost trade with various African countries and it is seen to compete with other economic giants such as the United States of America. The security in the country is improved and it has increased the number of united nation peacekeepers. China is currently considered a leading donor targeting many countries in Africa.
The Chinese government has pledged almost ten billion United States dollars to Africa over the past 3 years. China has struggled to develop good relations through cooperation with other countries. Despite the impact and the rise of china in the economic world, the country has continued to face some setbacks which target leadership, climate change and poverty. Hundreds of millions of people in china are still considered poor. The Chinese government has failed to develop a stable system of energy supply to be utilized by the people. The energy supply in the country has continued to rely more on import and therefore it has been a challenge to maintain diversified and stable energy sources. Environmental pollution has continued to impact negatively on the countries developments. Poor control of air pollution in major cities such as shanghai has resulted to decline in economic development and investment. The government has continued to launch a number of projects that are sources of environmental pollution. Air pollution has health effect on the people and the government has to protect its own people from such effects (Fox, 2008).
The Chinese state has continued to face collapse of ideology and moral lapses from the leadership that is in place. The state is unable to control degeneration of moral standards and thus lack of societal guiding principle. Despite the commendable improvement shown in the near past, china should be able to deal with the challenges raised in order to be considered as successful state and not a fragile state (Venables, 2009). The article gives hope about the future of the country. According to the website the country has shown great improvement as compared to the past. The writer is optimistic that china will be able to deal with the various challenges and be considered as among the successful states in the world. The article approaches the country in an objective manner through stating the achievement and thereafter what ought to be done. The article presents the accurate portrayal of the country.
Fox, R. (2008). CHINA: FRAGILE SUPERPOWER - By Susan L. Shirk. Economic Affairs, 28(4), 92-93. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0270.2008.864_7.x
Venables, M. (2009). Beware of fragile China. Manufacturing Engineer, 84(4), 8-9. doi:10.1049/me:20050413 Read More
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