The Charlie Hebdo shooting by Muslim Extremists - Essay Example

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Charlie Hebdo is a French Magazine whose offices were broken into, twelve people were killed, and others were injured. Several other deaths have been linked to the shooting in Charlie Hebdo. I would…
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The Charlie Hebdo shooting by Muslim Extremists
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The Charlie Hebdo shooting by Muslim Extremists It is horrific as France continues to recover from the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Charlie Hebdo is a French Magazine whose offices were broken into, twelve people were killed, and others were injured. Several other deaths have been linked to the shooting in Charlie Hebdo. I would call it a terrorist incident as many of the prosecutors also have. Every day that passes, people are on the streets hunting for the killers and siren sounds have become part of daily activities. It has taken decades since such an attack took place. Everybody now feels worried and vulnerable to the attacks. It is common for people to get shaken after such an attack (Lévy A11).
However, France has shown a lot of unity in dealing with this attack as everyone is concerned and more than ever, they want unity resolved. Some extremists have twisted the entire issue to show that there is war between Europe and the Muslims but this is not the case. Getting the killers may be a difficult task since they can easily cross the borders but reinforcing the wrong ideas will only do more harm than good to the people in France (Dockterman N).
I feel that France is vulnerable to more attacks similar to the Charlie Hebdo attack and the root to the problem should be addressed. Before the shooting took place, France was already a fragile state with high unemployment rates, and so many French born individuals who are youths and feel that they do not have any opportunities. Therefore, it is important that the root problems are addressed as a step to finding the solution to the attacks. Making Muslims feel they are wanted will only create fear and enmity between individuals as explained in (“Why We Are All Charlie Hebdo” 10).
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