Feminism. Research question: How has feminism progressed in the 21st century and what implication has this had on society - Essay Example

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According to Anderson (2015), the term feminism is arguably one of the most imperative concepts that have extensively been utilised in the 21st century for the purpose of advocating for the rights of women in reference to political, social, and economic aspect in order to be at…
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Feminism. Research question: How has feminism progressed in the 21st century and what implication has this had on society
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Download file to see previous pages Gelb & Palley (2009) argue that voting intentions and democratic participation has traditionally been affiliated to men as compared to women in the past few decades. Nevertheless, in the 21st Century, women have started participating in politics more fluently and insisting that their opinions be taken into consideration through voting and/ or any other democratic process. Thus, this research is aimed at establishing reasons as to why women in the 21st Century have voting intentions and democratic participation.
This research is aimed at establishing why women in different parts of the world are currently engaging in voting and other democratic participations. Research carried out in the recent past has showed that women are moving towards the left of men in regard to the advancement from the past centuries to the current 21st century.
The impact of this research is to understand the importance of feminism in the 21str century in relation to voting intentions and democratic participation. It is worth noting women constitute the largest percentage of people in the world and as such their participation in politics is necessary and influential as well. Additionally, it is expected that the participation of women in politics especially in voting and democratic participation is highly likely to turn a new leaf in the world of politics. Importantly, there has been prior research pertaining to this study.
According to Inglehart & Norris (2003), it is argued that the developmental theory pertaining to gender gap suggests that the long-term structural and cultural changes have greatly affected the life of both men and women in reference to realignment in gender politics especially in the 21st century. Moreover, it was established that once women became more participatory in voting and democratic processes then their votes would automatically make a mark in the world of politics. It was also argued that women were more pertinent in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Feminism. Research Question: How Has Feminism Progressed in the 21st Essay)
“Feminism. Research Question: How Has Feminism Progressed in the 21st Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/social-science/1673791-feminism-research-question-how-has-feminism-progressed-in-the-21st-century-and-what-implication-has-this-had-on-society.
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