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Utilitarianism is not so much a political philosophy, as a political technique. Discuss - Essay Example

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Utilitarianism is among the most prominent and influential tactics to normative ethics in major fields, but the most evaluated is philosophical history. However, most people had not heard of thisbefore the nineteenth century. All the same, through the limited information…
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Utilitarianism is not so much a political philosophy, as a political technique. Discuss
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Extract of sample "Utilitarianism is not so much a political philosophy, as a political technique. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages However, the structure of the notion does not necessarily appear in this manner depending on the claim but the context is definitely similar.
In multiple occasions, leaders apply utilitarianism in political initiatives making it appear as a political philosophy in most of these cases, depending on the particular initiatives and the dissimilar outcomes. Moreover, sometimes it is due to the manner that these leaders relate utilitarianism to achieve their goals. Generally, in every basis, utilitarianism is a form of consequentialism, which means that the evaluation of an action is relative to its consequences, whether in politics, religion or science. In most situations relative to politics, utilitarianism comes out as egoism especially since the consequences are of more significance than the actions. However, this notion also applies in distinguishing utilitarianism from egoism; typically, the scope and relevance of the consequences. Utilitarianism principles focus on maximizing the overall good, a core reason why it applies in politics; however, the best way to exploit this is considering both individual good and that of others (Mill 2002, 64).
Multiple philosophers made vast contributions to utilitarianism; however, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill stand out because of their arguments’ context in an effort to make people understand utilitarianism as a form of ethics theory (Crisp 1997, 15&Bentham 1990, 8). They were hedonists about value through the identification of good with pleasure; moreover, they encouraged people to maximize the good by bringing about the greatest amount of good for the biggest number of people possible. An initiative that citizens expect from politicians; moreover, it should be the general basis of most political proprietors. Conversely, in a political philosophy stand point, distinguishing utilitarianism also takes place through independence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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