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These duties and responsibilities are our moral obligations, by considering what is right and wrong and feeling as if you are bound to make a…
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What moral obligations do we owe foreigners
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What Moral Obligations Do We Owe Foreigners What Moral Obligations Do We Owe Foreigners It is our duty to act in a certain way with people, keeping ethics and rules that restrain us from doing something wrong in mind. These duties and responsibilities are our moral obligations, by considering what is right and wrong and feeling as if you are bound to make a decision with your own set of values in mind. Keeping a healthy relationship with people that surround you by maintaining the moral obligations that fall under you can help you get through life with ease knowing that they would do the same for you.
The number of people migrating to different countries due to political, medical, educational and unemployment is increasing day by day. Concluding into having many foreigners residing in developed regions of a country. The most immigrants are found in the US, illegal and legal citizens combined. Many of those people feel out of place and do not have enough money for getting necessities such as food and shelter after crossing the border. This is where the government should act and provide medical and financial assistance to these foreigners in order for them to settle. After all many of the countries these foreigners belong from have provided us with trading goods.
There is an unlimited amount of international trading taking place in the world, companies which had started off as small businesses are now going global because of their exceptional goods and services have a greater demand around the world which then expanded and grew larger than life which is the ultimate goal of a business. The government promoting the idea of a free trade agreement, which is a pact between two or more countries which carry out trading with very little or completely eliminated duty which a form of imported trading tax, making it even cheaper for the products being traded and making the companies more profit out of it. Countries like China, the most industrialised country in the world have signed the Free Trade Agreement with the US. This has also provided employment for foreigners by working in trading companies. However a disadvantage of such Free Trade Agreement is that the domestic businesses fail to get the governments aid as nowadays the populated prefer imported goods over domestic ones. (Fabre, 2007)
It is always difficult to realise the moral obligations we owe to people who are not our fellow citizens. These obligations can be seen as 4 different basic views: Skeptic, who simply deny any obligations or duties beyond borders and those people who who fall under the rest of the three views and admit that obligations do apply to these foreigners, the realist, state moralist, who stress the value of order and the cosmopolitan, who values individual justice at a higher level. International politics is characterized by such inequality that it has to be given priority in order to maintain the balance of power. Hence we owe foreigners the minimal obligation of order to avoid chaos and any loss in the international trading business. (Nye 1986)
Mark J. Auger
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Nye, J. S. (1986). Nuclear ethics. New York: Free Press.
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Fabre, C. (2007). Justice in a changing world. Cambridge: Polity Press.
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