How B.G. Tilak thought taking action was the only way to create and Independent India - Research Paper Example

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Tilak was raised up in an Orthodox family in Maharashtra. Tilak’s family had a humble background and his father earned a small salary, but supplemented by textbook writing. The process of writing textbooks at home…
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How B.G. Tilak thought taking action was the only way to create and Independent India
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Download file to see previous pages He later graduated with a bachelor’s in mathematics and Sanskrit. Tilik completed his studies with a degree in law in 1879.
After graduating from school, Tilak emerged as a great political leader, writer, philosopher and a Sanskrit scholar. The philosophical views of Tilak were highly influenced by the western metaphysics and political views. This is attributed greatly to the extent the English education affected him. Tilak rose as one of the young scholars advocating for the freedom of India. The colonial government accused Tilak of inciting the Indians to political violence in his fight for an Independent India. This results from the fact that Tilak was an extremist and employed extreme mechanism when fighting for independence in India. The British rule accused Tilak of instigating the Indian community to violence and was highly criticized his activities that were mainly characterized by extreme violence and were mainly based on the teachings of Hinduism.
Tilak considered extremist activities as the only solution to the rise in foreigners group, in the country. Majority of the historians classify Talik as the most extremist political leader in the colonial India. He was a considerable extremist’s leader who utilized his role in acquiring independence in India. Talik mainly sought the assistance of Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai and Aurobindo Ghose from the national congress, which enhanced his struggle for independent India. Despite his extremist tactics of acquiring an independent India, Tilak was highly respected and applauded by locals and foreign intellectuals but his extremism was an intimidation to the government.
Tilak used his writing talent to promote extremism as well as opposing colonial rule in India. He specifically made use of Kesari and Mahratta, which were started in 1881. The newspapers columns unveil Tilak’s radical and strong personality. They further unfold political militant views. Tilak was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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