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Each specific approach towards sensitizing young people regarding political issues is associated with its own peculiar outcomes and flaws.
In the US, deliberate and intended…
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Civil education research
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Civic Education Research of the Political Science of the Teacher December 18, Civic Education Research Different nations do tend to ascribe to varied modes of extending civic education to their youth. Each specific approach towards sensitizing young people regarding political issues is associated with its own peculiar outcomes and flaws.
In the US, deliberate and intended education pertaining to civic issues and social participation are two salient modes of civic education (Hahn, 2010, p. 7). It has been observed that students who actively participate in civic education activities and social learning programs do evince a more informed and proactive political participation. However, in case of young people from ethnic and racial minorities and from economically weaker communities and families, levels of civic knowledge and political socialization are low.
UK declared citizenship education a statutory requirement in schools in 2002. This provision happens to be flexible in its approach as each individual school can decide as to the way and manner in which this civic education is provided. The surprising thing is that the outcomes of civic education have been found to be more positive in such methods that encourage active engagement and identification with political issues (Hahn, 2010, p. 10). Young people actively involved in community activities and issues tend to be politically more vocal and communicative. Again, civic knowledge and engagement in political discourse and activism is very low in young people from economically weaker families.
Traditionally speaking there were no formal programs for citizenship education in Australia (Hahn, 2010, p. 13). It has been found that the Australian youth does evince a low interest and faith in political parties and political issues (Hahn, 2010). Besides, their attitude towards political socialization and discourse is also that of unconcern. Yet, surprising thing is that young people do show more insight and interest in such issues, in which they registered a direct social participation and activism.
Thereby, though the civic education methods and outcomes in the US and the UK happen to be somewhat similar, in case of Australia the outcomes and efforts are not that encouraging.
Hahn, C.L. (2010). Comparative Civic Education Research: What we know and what We
Need to Know. Citizenship Teaching & Learning, 6(1), 5-23. Read More
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