The Deadly Choices at Memorial - Essay Example

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Natural disasters are coupled with widespread disruption of property and loss of human life, such as that witnessed with respect to Hurricane Katrina. A few years ago, millions of lives were lost as a consequence of Hurricane Katrina. In subsequence, a number of governmental and…
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The Deadly Choices at Memorial
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Download file to see previous pages owever, the hospital had to face various challenges in preserving a healthy environment being surrounded with motionless dozens of bodies and suffering from shortage of water and electricity. As a consequence, the temperature level increased to 100 degree inside the hospital. To save the affected people from high temperature, lethal doses of drugs were also injected to some patients (Klein, 2013). Owing to these hazards, mortuary workers had to carry 45 dead bodies from the Memorial. Few years after that incident, investigators pored over evidence and department of justice agents had detained the doctors and the nurses connected with deaths of four patients. Doctor Anna Pou, one of those convicts, used electronic media to prove herself innocent. To get over that mess, Anna Pou also used numerous steps and suggested new laws regarding the standard of medical care during emergencies (Klein, 2013). Hence, it can be identified that the incident of Hurricane Katrina has not only brought widespread destructions with it, but it has also generated several questions regarding the morality and medical ethics of the professionals deployed in the hospital. The objective of this paper is thus to judge the practices of professionals engaged in providing support services in Memorial Medical Center during the event of Hurricane Katrina.
The report revealing the death of four people during the event of Hurricane Katrina in Memorial Medical Center, due to the injection of lethal doses of drugs, along with other deaths in the hospital, is certainly throbbing. The actions of the various medical practitioners within the Memorial Medical Center in the then scenario have further been subjected to extensive criticism. Many of the experts have contended that the actions of the medical practitioners in the hospital were a mere effect of medical negligence and unethical conduct (Fink, 2009). Nevertheless, I firmly believe that it would be too early to describe the actions of the medical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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