Climate Change and the Global Agenda - Coursework Example

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NGOs and IGOs have a responsibility of setting an agenda that can ensure that climate change is dealt with as appropriate. $50 billion is an amount that the…
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Climate Change and the Global Agenda
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Climate Change and the Global Agenda Climate change is one of the most intrinsic challenges facing the international system in the modern dispensation. NGOs and IGOs have a responsibility of setting an agenda that can ensure that climate change is dealt with as appropriate. $50 billion is an amount that the organizations can use to put forward the case for climate change and ensure that the best set of solutions is developed to deal with the inherent challenge. One of the areas where $50 billion can be used is committing a substantial amount of money for the reduction of gas emissions. This move would significantly reduce the amount of carbon that is released to the atmosphere effectively stopping depletion of the environment. Moreover, the IGOs and the NGOs could spend $50 billion on ensuring afforestation in order to protect the water towers1. Consequently, more resources could be committed to developing renewable sources of energy to ensure environmental sanitation.
There are issues that should be of priority in dealing with the challenge of climate change. The ratification of certain clauses of the Kyoto protocol should be a priority in the fight against gas emissions. The commitment of countries in reducing climate change should be based on law. In essence, the ratification should be anchored in law effectively binding every nation to take up the challenge mandatory reduction of carbon emissions2. Big industries that produce a high amount of carbon should be burdened by taxes and fines to limit them on the amount of emissions that can be introduced into the atmosphere3.
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