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He has the qualities and attributes that assisted him to influence a multitude of people to move or shift towards a direction he desired. Woodrow Wilson was a scholar, an idealist, activist, and politician who…
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Download file to see previous pages His family shifted to Augusta located in Georgia, a year after he was born. In 1870, they moved to Columbia and then later moved to Wilmington in the year 1884. It was then that Woodrow later drop his first name, Thomas. He received his early education from ex-Confederate soldiers who had attempted to set up some schools after the end times of Civil war. His father taught him religion, British history, and literature. After attaining sixteen years of age, Woodrow attended Davidson College, located in North Carolina. One year later, he dropped out of college because of his health condition. In the year 1875, Wilson attended a College of New Jersey known as Princeton University. He then graduated in 1879. The same year, he enrolled at the University of Virginia to study law but dropped out of school again due to his numerous personal reasons. After going back to his home, he continued studying law (Burrage 54). Woodrow later set up a legal practice with a fellow scholar who hailed from the University of Virginia in the year 1882 and he eventually passed the Georgia Bar Exam. Woodrow later abandoned the practice of law and legal system and decided to finish his education at the John Hopkins University located in Baltimore. He was enrolled as a graduate in political science and history and in the year 1986, he earned his PH.D. With his numerous research study and analysis, he published the dissertation termed as Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics. The dissertation transparently argued about the power that the congressional government posses over a weak postwar Presidency and that for a constitutional transformation of powers separation between the President and Congress with that of the British Parliament. Wilson Woodrow was a professor and became a president of Princeton in the year 1902.
He also inspired and acted as a catalyst in the movements of civil rights and freedom. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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