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Why do you think different administrations differ so greatly on this point - Essay Example

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This paper discusses the United States mission or desire to spread democracy or freedom and civilization across the world and whether America is a city upon a hill that countries can copy. In this text, Roosevelt puts the interests and desires of the country as compared to other…
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Why do you think different administrations differ so greatly on this point
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Download file to see previous pages The American expansion was a strategy to show the right and anyone who opposed the Americans was considered to be wrong.
Roosevelt saw that there was no chance for the white man to eliminate the dark race, hence opted to have them under control and tried to change their culture like in China and India. He was confident that other people could not overpower the whites in their own country in the temperate zone. He felt that the Chinese will push the Western European out of indo-China. At the time, many advocates of racism didn’t see the people as primitive, but regarded them as inferior. For having yellow skin, one was considered inferior. The racial differences had become greater and there was no hope of modernizing China. He also believed that Africans would become civilized or become a danger to the white race. Nevertheless, the Americans believed that the Negroes, Filipinos and Chinese could develop like the white man. Roosevelt believed that an individual member of a particular race could attain qualities superior to those of other members of the backward society.
He also firmly believed and stated that the spread of English-speaking people meant an achievement to the world’s peace and the spread of civilization. This belief controlled his views on foreign policy. He stated that peace can’t be achieved until the nations are civilized. This meant that co-operation of the civilized people shaped the earth. Roosevelt associated superior civilization with the English-speaking people. He advocated for many virtues and power to defend ones effectiveness, and he spread the ability to ensure that there is an orderly and democratic government. Many viewed England as a civilized nation and one that should have overthrown the Mahdists in Sudan.
England rule in India and Egypt had benefited it, as well as India and Egypt as they acquired civilization (Beale 45). Roosevelt stated that the English speaking race should control South Africa and that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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