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Protection of civil liberty is further guaranteed by the passage of the Amendment that introduced Due Process Clause, Immunities or Privileges Clause and Equal Protection Clause. Civil…
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Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
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Documents that enforce civil rights and the Civil Liberties Civil Liberty Civil liberties are protected by the American Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. Protection of civil liberty is further guaranteed by the passage of the Amendment that introduced Due Process Clause, Immunities or Privileges Clause and Equal Protection Clause. Civil liberties are immunities and privileges that every person is entitled to. In dissimilarity to political rights, which is only exercised through conditioned eligibility as a registered voter or candidates, civil liberty is enjoyed universally. Currently, (Baker, Thomas, 2006), observes that Americans enjoy almost complete universal suffrage. In this case, political rights are lined up with other civil rights and liberty
Civil Rights
Civil rights in America are enshrined in the Civil Act of 1964. The Act was enacted during the presidency of John Kennedy, who rose to power in the year 1960. A large number of contemporary have a bill of rights or a constitutional document that seeks and enumerate to guarantee civil rights. In the united state of America, several constitutional amendments have been effected to ensure that every person enjoys civil rights to unlimited levels. In addition, additional clauses have been enacted to the 1964 Act to ensure that the government of the day does not undermine them (Baker, Thomas, 2006).
What was the campaign promises embedded in the Presidential Speech?
During the 2008 run-off for presidential elections, the then senator for Illinois delivered a highly spirited campaign speech that was full of charming promises. Political analysts declared that should the pledges embedded in the speech be actualized, the Americans would experience excellent political and economic atmosphere.
In the speech, commonly known as ‘’a more perfect union’’, Obama explained the electorates the steps he would take to reduce the poverty index in the united state of America. To eliminate the gap between the poor and the rich, Obama outlined the tax measures that his government would implement. The policy would exempt the poor from bearing tax burden, and hence more income would be available for their use (Baker, Thomas, 2006).
Concerning the war in Iraq, the then-senator advocated for immediate withdraw of American troops. In his speech, he asserted that a long lasting solution would be established through consultative engagements, not through military operation. In addition, Obama promised good working condition for all workers and increased social security for retiree. Furthermore, he promised to improve the economy so as to cut down on unemployment and reformed heath sector.
Have the promises been fulfilled?
To a large extent, the Obama pledges have not been actualized. American troops are still languishing in foreign countries in the name of keeping peace. Though the number of American soldiers in Iraq has been reduced, deaths are still being reported (Baker, Thomas, 2006). The economy is still hard hit while unemployment is still rampant. The health sector has also received its share of disappointment. Very little reforms have been put in place to curb the current health dynamics. Furthermore, no political cleansing has occurred. Divisive politics is a daily order in America.

Work Cited
Baker, Thomas E. At War with Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2006. Print Read More
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Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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