Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberties - Essay Example

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It has practiced fundamental aspects of democracy through constitutional support which emphasizes the welfare of the citizens. Since independence, the socio-economic and political agenda of the nation is to…
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Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberties
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Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberties United s has been consistent in its campaign for democracy. It has practiced fundamental aspects of democracy through constitutional support which emphasizes the welfare of the citizens. Since independence, the socio-economic and political agenda of the nation is to recognize Civil liberty and civil rights. These two terms have remained almost synonymous though they have marginal differences. Declaration of independence formed the basis of American struggle to achieve civil liberty and rights as this was considered the back bone of an inclusive positive socio-economic and political progress strategy. In essence, Civil liberty and Civil rights are envisaged in the constitution and was derived from the declaration of independence and the bill of rights (Walker 481). It is worth to note that close assessment of the two terms offers an insight into the significance of sound socio-economic and political polices towards sustainable growth as has been experienced in United States. The cultural diversity that characterizes United States makes such emphasis on civil rights and civil liberty crucial.
Civil rights generally entail having basic rights of being free from unequal consideration on specific characteristics that include gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation among others. In the context of other socio-economic provisions like housing, employment among others, civil liberty constitutes unrestricted or biased access. Civil liberty therefore entail guaranteed basic rights that are explicitly addressed by the constitution and defended by the law makers and judicial system. Achieving a united nation has been facilitated by the concentration of socio-economic interest on the constitution and relentless efforts to implement and practice. According to the Bill of rights in the constitution, civil rights and civil liberty are enshrined as the pillars of prosperity and this evident in government efforts to champion for the American dream of equality. Key constituents of civil liberty include; the right to privacy, fair judicial process, marriage, freedom of religion, right to vote among others.
Civil liberty and civil rights must be supported through supervised enactment and sub sequent adoption. This means that every individual is subject ted to the highlighted rights and freedom and any breach is taken through legal redress by the court. The aforementioned rights in United States are enforced through documentations on Declaration of Independence and Voting Rights Act of 1965. Voting is key to expressing political interests that seek to address the welfare of the majority. In that respect, it is important to recognize the importance of every person’s opinion in regard to the political leadership that will resolve the socio-economic and political hurdles in the community. In most cases, it has been noted that United States has a strong institutional structure that oversee diverse constitutional issues (Walker 488). The core of all such activities is to ensure that the fundamental human rights are observed to the last letter. Scholarly research work emphasizes the need to understand the significance of civil liberty and civil rights differences to ensure that accountability in daily actions is achieved. The ongoing debate on skewed legal procedures that seem to alienate the African America immigrants and other minority group has reignited the debate on civil rights and civil liberty. Although the common goal of every American is to prosper, governance process and effective enforcement of the rights and freedom of the people remains instrumental.
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Walker, Samuel. Presidents and Civil Liberties from Wilson to Obama: A Story of Poor Custodians. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012. Print. Read More
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