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Globalization: American Economic and Political Policy effects on the World - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyzes the impact that American Government has on the policies of different countries. It is argued in the paper, that the United States influence the world in different ways, as there are close beneficial relationships between the U.S. and other countries…
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Globalization: American Economic and Political Policy effects on the World
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Download file to see previous pages This paper primarily focuses on the United States influence on the political environment of other countries. The U.S. influence on the other countries’ economies is also considered.
The United States government places importance on export pricing strategies. With higher export pricing, the United States exporting companies will generate higher revenues than selling their exported products to other countries at lower selling prices. The United States government transfers its crop cultivation activities to other countries. The government’s EPIC food crop cultivation process increases the farm harvests.
The government institutes measures to ensure the United States dollar exchange rate is stable, avoiding constant and unexpected currency exchange rate fluctuations. One currency exchange rate hedge strategy is to float the exchange rate. As the demand for United States dollar currency increases, the value of the United States dollar currency in relation to the foreign currency increases.
The government influences how the provisions of that were previously implemented by members of the Gen. Tariff & Trade and WTO. The members are composed of countries from every corner of the world. The government espoused the laissez faire or market-based government control of international trade, in compliance with GATT and WTO provisions.
The United States government coordinates with other governments to ensure the safety and security of its territorial jurisdiction. The risks from conflicts between groups, races and religions automatically require the United States government leaders to increase its homeland security strategies.
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