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Resolving the IRS and Developing a New Tax Reform Package - Research Paper Example

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One of the most challenging aspects of any country’s governance is the ability to collect the taxes and allocate them correctly to ensure that they reach the goals of the government and the people receive the actual care, infrastructure, public services and the services that…
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Resolving the IRS and Developing a New Tax Reform Package
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Extract of sample "Resolving the IRS and Developing a New Tax Reform Package"

Download file to see previous pages The Commissioner of Internal Revenue that immediately supervises its affairs manages the service unit responsible for taxes in the United States federal government. The agency placed under the Department of Treasury deals with the collection of revenue for the treasury giving them the needed finances to run their activities.
The IRS deals with the collection of taxes and the administration aspects of the Internal Revenue Code. Through the trust developed, it has proven successful (Kaplan, 2004). They base on to ensure that the administration of taxes and their collection from the masses is controlled and the targets remain achieved these on a regular basis. The collective responsibility of managing taxes and ensuring that public expenditure is sufficient makes is a huge responsibility that the IRS has seemed challenged to maintain. Of late, a number of challenges have arisen that have showed the weaknesses that the system has covered. These have occasioned the need for the development of new tax reforms package that will help improve the tax system and make a better effective means of managing taxes of the public.
The details of this paper aim at discussing the new tax reforms that will aim at covering the failures of the IRS. These aimed at ensuring that the tax system and its management is efficient, economical and effective will provide better tax policies and theory. It is based on the theory that the failure of the IRS is occasioned by the wide coverage area that it has and the challenges that it experiences regularly in dealing with the effects that the high taxes have occasioned on the citizens. The new tax systems aimed at improving these and ensuring that all people are catered for by a tax system that respects and covers people of all occupations will provide better management and ease in tax administration
Considering developing a new tax reform package will need an analysis of the current tax system. Understanding the IRS provides and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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