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The genocide that Rwanda saw in the middle of 1990s decade towards the latter part of 20th century was one of the most barbaric and horrific one in terms of the human rights violation and outright slaughter of the common man. The Hutu majority was the main stakeholder in the…
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Firm response
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The genocide that Rwanda saw in the middle of 1990s decade towards the latter part of 20th century was one of the most barbaric and horrific one in terms of the human rights violation and outright slaughter of the common man. The Hutu majority was the main stakeholder in the entire battle. The intensity of the event was so extreme that it moved the global powers such as United States of America into stepping in and finding a solution towards solving the problem. The global community along with the efforts of the Paul Kagame has achieved peace to a considerable level yet the world and human rights entities have taken a dig at assessing the reasons and the causes that led to the occurrence of such a little seen event.
Interpretation and observation from the documentary:
While many documentaries have been made and a large part of literature is available that looks into the normally accepted sequence of the Rwanda massacre, BBC documentary has tried to look into a new angle. The role of Paul Kagame is subjected to controversy and doubts with the references of the slaying of the predecessor president being killed in the aero plane shooting. The documentary aims at identifying the possible dimension that has been little understood and little investigated into which may lead to proving that the incumbent president who went on to win the accolades of the world community, might well have had a role to play in the entire debacle that Rwanda faced for over hundred days. Read More
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Firm Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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