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Proposed Methods of Reducing Hunger in United States - Research Paper Example

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The author concludes that the country should employ technology in all areas of the economy such as it can tackle the problem of hunger. Technology can be utilized in biotech where the crops are genetically modified such that it can be resistant to drought. It will enable people to practice farming.   …
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Proposed Methods of Reducing Hunger in United States
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Extract of sample "Proposed Methods of Reducing Hunger in United States"

Download file to see previous pages Hunger has remained a major problem affecting many people in various countries especially in the US. Hunger paralyzes everything in the country or even outside the country. Hunger causes deaths, and it is almost the leading cause of deaths in many countries. Under-nutrition, which is caused by hunger, contributes to deaths of 2.6 million children who are under the age of five. Malnutrition at an early age will reduce mental and physical development during childhood. Children facing such problems will have major health issues later in their life. It is high time that the country design some methods, which will help in reducing hunger (Kanatt, Chander & Sharma 2010, p. 219).
The country should invest mostly in agriculture and protect the interest of farmers and any other businessperson dealing with agricultural produce. It will help in reducing hunger within the country and other countries abroad. When the US invest in agricultural production to the extent that the hunger in the country has reduced, the surplus of the agricultural produce can be exported to other countries. However, the exported products will help in reducing hunger abroad. The country should implement methods like preventing land grabbing, producing less biofuel, blocking speculators, support farmers, reduce poverty, target infant nutrition, roll out biotech, and educate farmers on agriculture. As the country implements these methods as a target to reduce hunger, farmers will be motivated to continue producing and even expanding to a large scale. It is because through some of these methods; the government and other organizations will protect small-scale farmers. Various studies and researches have been conducted with the aim of reducing hunger in the US. Kantor study of 1997 recommended the protection of the environment and saved money. In addition, the study recommended that the government should collaborate with food recovery organizations who are feeding the hungry.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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