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Immigration to the US is a very complex demographic phenomenon which is responsible for increasing population and initiating a cultural change for so many years in the United States. Anderson (33) denotes that the political, social, and economic aspects of immigration are…
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How is immigration affecting the united states
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Download file to see previous pages Scholar denotes that prior to the year 1965, the formula used for admitting immigrants into the United States was only restricted to people from Western Europe. Anderson (36) further goes on to denote that on a historical note, naturalization and immigration has always been limited to people who are white, i.e. the Caucasians. However, this ethnic and racial allocation of came to an end during the periods of the 1960s. This is because of the emergence of the civil rights movements, which greatly advocated for the rights of the minority, and the racially disadvantaged people (Heyman, 11). Because of this civil rights movement that occurred in the periods of the 1960s, the first generation immigrant’s number greatly increased, from about 9.6 million people in 1970, to approximately 38 million people in the year 2007. Between the years of 2000, to the year 2010, scholar denotes that the number of immigrants who entered United States was about 14 million people. Of these 14 million people, more than 1 million people were able to acquire citizenship through naturalization in the year 2008. Moses (324) denotes that immigration has some positive and negative effects on the American community.
One of the major effects of immigration is the rise of population growth in the United States. According to an estimate by the Census Bureau, the population of United States will reach 397 million people, by the year 2050. This is when immigration is factored in this growth. On the other hand, when immigration is not factored, the bureau estimates that the population growth of the United States will only reach 328 million people. In another study carried out by Pew Research center, it estimates that the population growth of United States will reach 438 million people, from the 296 million people that it had in the year 2005. This is because of an increase of immigrants in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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