Political-Economic Resentments in Gulf - Essay Example

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It entrenched and stabilized the political systems, while worsening the economy, and pushing the two countries into a deep disaster that would continue long after the wars end. In Iraq, Saddam…
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Political-Economic Resentments in Gulf
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POLITICAL-ECONOMIC RESENTMENTS IN GULF Iran and Iraq are the two most dominant countries in the gulf region with conflicts. It entrenched and stabilized the political systems, while worsening the economy, and pushing the two countries into a deep disaster that would continue long after the wars end. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein used a war and emergency rules to exercise his power and demoralize his subjects, which worked on his side1. The war dwindles the universal and local manufacture of oil. Iran and Iraq, chief producing countries and members of OPEC, were not capable of attaining prewar production levels. Oil costs rose drastically. Though Saudi Arabia was the uncontested largest producer of oil, its oil industry, located very close to the war face and sell overseas lines were affected by the persistence of the war2. In fact, the war overstated the oil production all over the Gulf area.
The "Tanker War" was expanded to the extent of involving the tankers that were used to transport oil to the Gulf since 1987. The Iranian came up with this idea to stop Gulf being held up to Iraq. In its place, it led to the first enormous American military operation in the region to guard Gulf tankers against Iranian attacks3. The two countries incurred foreign debts. They were unable to pay off them after the war ended due to loans from other countries. The war shifted the worlds concentration in the Middle East from the Arab-Israeli clash to the Gulf section. That Lead to decrease in relation of this country with foreign countries in fear of damages; hence, decrease economically. If the Iranians are capable of having some of the economic sanction lifted they would turn into a chief opponent for Iraqs oil led developmental economy4.
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Political-Economic Resentments in Gulf Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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