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Politcal Science 240 Comparision Report Canada - Essay Example

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Canada is a North American nation located in the northern part of continent that consists of ten provinces with its territory extending from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second biggest nation in the globe in terms of total area and the fourth…
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Politcal Science 240 Comparision Report Canada
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Download file to see previous pages hough the Aboriginal people originally inhabited the country, the eastern region Canada was a French settlement for more than a century before the white man discovered it. In the late eighteenth and nineteenth century, the country received most of its immigrants from Britain and the United States where some of the people who settled from the US were called Loyalists since they were loyal to the interests of the British.
By the late 1800, the country had a countrywide railway system that was able to transport settlers who had European origins and most of these settlers were the underprivileged or those running away from religious or political persecution. Nonetheless, particular groups of immigrants, such as the Jewish were subsequently denied entry into Canada during the consequent world wars as well as the Great Depression. However, since the late sixties, a greater part of the country has developed more tolerance in accepting more political refugees and immigrants from different countries all over the globe.
Canada experienced a return of prosperity after World War Two as a result of the continued Liberal governments that allowed national policies to address social welfare such as universal health care, pensions for the older members of the population as well as for the veterans. The financial crisis associated with the Great Depression, along with the extensive corruption in the country, had resulted I the people of Newfoundland relinquishing responsible government 1n1934 making the country a crown colony under the rule of a British governor. Success was restored when the United States military came in with more than ten thousand soldiers together with massive investments in various bases. Popular sentiments started to favour the United States and this alarmed the Canadian government, which wanted the Newfoundland to enter into a confederation rather than joining the United States. In 1948, the people of Newfoundland were given three referendum choices by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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