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Agenda Setting - Essay Example

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Social problems in the society require social analysis to make decisions on their elimination. This essay "Agenda Setting" seeks to represent a discussing regarding this thesis. Moreover, the paper will focus on describing the social issues and the news media…
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Agenda Setting
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Download file to see previous pages Social problems are issues that negatively affect the state of being of individuals in the society. A social problem has two elements that include subjective concerns and objective condition of the problem. An objective condition of a social problem includes all the aspects the problem that can be viewed without any biasness. Subjective concerns are issues that are affect and individual based on their biasness to particular points of view. Subjective concerns create differences with solving problems in the society. The formation opposing groups in a society is due to the subjective concerns of individuals.
Objective conditions have enlightened people in societies such that they have reformulated human conditions. Through intelligence by humankind, complex problems that seemed unsolvable are solved in the modern societies. Social reformers developed empirical analysis that has formed the basis for political science and social science. Positivists were empowered by the strength of facts. For instance, Florence Nightingale and William Beveridge believed that use of scientific researches was essential in solving social problems in our societies. Nightingale was convinced that doctrines are not very important as facts are. Facts do not hold uncertainties that make the process of making decisions harder.
The other view of positivists in regard to problems is by perceiving social problems as dysfunctions. Other people against the views of the society define things as acceptable or unacceptable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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