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The author states while children welfare or equal rights for women are on the active agenda, he/she chooses to participate in all rallies that protest against the suppression of freedom for sexual orientation expression. During the process, he/she would be glad enough to be arrested.  …
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Getting Arrested During Protest for Gay Rights
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Getting Arrested During Protest for Gay Rights The violation of human rights has many forms. While children welfare or equal rights for women are on the active agenda of most of the human rights’ activists, I choose to participate in all rallies that protest against the suppression of freedom for sexual orientation expression.
During the process, I would be glad enough to be arrested, if that helps the cause of LGBT activists. There are many reasons for my decision.
Church is the main bottleneck
I remember protesting in front of a local church against the views of the local clergy towards gay marriages. I also have in mind that the revered Pope has expressed his view against such marriages, calling them unnatural. However, I do not feel that any body has the right to decide about the sexual orientation of a human being. Therefore, I decided to participate in the protest rally being organized in front of the church. Considering the sensitive situation and locale of the protest, I was sure that police enforcement can come any time and I may be arrested.
However, I was ready for such arrest, because I believe; every one of us should have the individual freedom to decide about the marriage, as this aspect is a purely personal for all human beings. I relate this protest with the cry against any human rights violation, which is found almost daily, around the world. (Fort Des Moines Church, 2012)
Denying gay and lesbian rights is also a serious human rights violation, Hence I would not mind if I am arrested protesting against suppression of these rights.
The following reasons are responsible for my firm resolution to be arrested during a protest rally supporting gay rights.
Countries like Russia have established that gay relationship is not normal. Law in such countries prohibits even the expression of opinion favoring such sexual orientation. For example, recently a fine was imposed on a newspaper, which carried the story expressing the views of the writer that gay relationship is normal and so is the homosexual orientation. In fact, the children born out of such gay marriages are known to be illegal in these countries. This is utter violation of basic human rights and individual freedom.
There is conflict between the supporters of gay rights and religious conservative organizations, which sometime takes a violent form, warranting the police action. Anticipating this, I am ready for any such arrest.
The attacks on individual persons who follow their chosen sexual orientation of being a gay or lesbian often escape investigation by law enforcement agencies. This is because of the fear of additional harassment and constant reprimand, which such people experience almost daily.
In most of the countries, recognizing and following such sexual orientation is considered blasphemous and punished under law. This leads to gross violation of human individual freedom, when such people are not able to express themselves freely. (Christie 2014)
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