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Global Security Has Evidently Hindered the Enjoyments of Human Rights - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Global Security Has Evidently Hindered the Enjoyments of Human Rights" states that after the World War, a new institution was born, UN, devoted to fighting the security issues by joining hands states of the world, little known that this undesirable phenomenon would change the face…
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Global Security Has Evidently Hindered the Enjoyments of Human Rights
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Extract of sample "Global Security Has Evidently Hindered the Enjoyments of Human Rights"

Download file to see previous pages “Terrorism has the potential to undermine civil society, destabilize governments, threaten economic and social development and importantly pose danger to global peace” (126). All these factors have a direct and visible impact on the delights of human rights. Needless to say, security, by all means, is a basic human right, and the protection of the citizens is as well basic obligation of any government. States and a government evidently have an obligation to guarantee the human rights of their citizens and other visitors by instituting positive measures to counter terrorism and apprehending the offenders to face justice. (Mack, pp. 14)
The United Nations saw its emergence in 1945 above all; it was born to save future generations from the bitter scourge of war. It would guard human security and ensure that the horrors of the World Wars have never occurred again. Sixty years down the line, we are all familiar with the biggest global security threats we face now, and in intuitively, the decenniums ahead stretches beyond States waging destructive war. They extend to environmental degradation and infectious disease; poverty; violence and war amongst states; the spread and potential use of nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological weapons; and trans-boundary organized crime; terrorism. The threats range from state as well as non-State actors and State security to human security. The major preoccupation of the UN organizers was firmly held to State security (Nowak, pp 125).
When the state members concurred on creating a new system of collective state security, they defined that in the traditional military sense: a system in which every States would join hand and pledge that “aggression against one is aggression against all”(pp. 13), and fully commit themselves in that happening to respond collectively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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