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Trafficking - Essay Example

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Human trafficking has been a global concern since the mid-19th century (Kempadoo, K., 2005) with each affected side, the sex worker & the anti-prostitution supporter, airing out their issues with regards to existing policies & protocols concerning those people caught in the…
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Download file to see previous pages (Outshoorn, J., 2005) As the years progressed, sex workers have found points in trafficking regulations, existing or newly-implemented, which do not serve to alleviate their working conditions, which sometimes even cause more emotional and psychological damage and, which prevents them from having a better life. On the other hand, whenever in a trafficking debate, advocates of anti-prostitution measures stress the importance of human rights, morality and the need for implementation of stricter regulation on prostitution or the abolishment of such, if possible.
Anti-prostitution followers insist that consent is irrelevant in trafficking of persons, specifically women, for sexual exploitation. When the human being is reduced to a body, objectified to sexually service another, whether or not there is consent, violation of the human being has taken place. (Barry, K., 1995) Prostitution, “consensual” or not, supports and is supported by social, economic, and political inequalities. (Balos, B., 2004) Consent shouldn’t be used as an excuse to mitigate the crime of trafficking or prostitution. It violates women’s human rights. Trafficked women are beaten, raped and sexually abused. They are “subject to starvation, forced use of drugs and alcohol, burning with cigarettes, isolation in dark rooms, being beaten and threats to themselves or their families.” (Balos, B., 2004) Because they lack the proper documents, trafficked women live in fear of authorities who have also been known to abuse their position by forcing themselves on the women. UN peacekeeping operations were rocked by a sex abuse scandal in the Congo that caused the organization to reexamine current training policy. (Trafficking in Persons Report, 2006) Apparently, refugees, including many minors, were victims of sex abuse crimes by dozens of peacekeepers on a mission in Congo. Changes in the training policy should be done to keep the peacekeepers in line. In addition, the women are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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