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I have on the verge of completing my graduation in Politics and International Relations from the Università di Pavia, Italy. Now, I want to do Master of Science (MS) in International Development Studies. My aim is to…
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MSc International Development Studies
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ment of Purpose I have chosen the of to continue my studies. I have on the verge of completing my graduation in Politics and International Relations from the Università di Pavia, Italy. Now, I want to do Master of Science (MS) in International Development Studies. My aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of all issues and concepts related to international development and politics. I want to study International Development Studies to refine my knowledge about core economic, social, and political issues related to international development. My relevant educational background and personal and professional interest make me a suitable candidate to get admission in the Master of Science degree program.
Earning a MS degree from one of the top ranked universities of the world would give me a competitive edge in my professional career. I have decided to apply in name of university because this educational institute has an experienced faculty not only in the department of International Development Studies department but also in all other fields of study. Studying under the guidance of such teachers will allow me to gain invaluable information about my intended major and grow intellectually in an appropriate manner.
I want to become a successful economic development manager or a foreign correspondent, which would be possible if I get a higher degree in the field of International Development Studies. I want to be skilled in managing social organizations and people. I possess almost all qualities of a successful social organization’s manager, such as, openness, integrity, boldness, honesty, attentiveness, creativity, intelligence, care for others, visionary outlook, and effective leadership and communication skills. Some of my core strengths and abilities include:
Excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills;
Excellent critical thinking and decision making skills;
Good command of Microsoft Office tools;
Good understanding of different issues related to International politics and development; and
Ability to speak Italian (mother tongue), English, French, Arabic, and Spanish languages
As far as my short-term and long-term goals are concerned, I have planned them according to my personal and professional interests. For example, my short-term goal is to earn a MS degree in International Development Studies from some reputable institute of the world to expand my knowledge and concepts. My long-term goal is to work for some high profile social or economic organization at an executive position. I have the experience of working as a project leader during my internships at a NGO in Mexico and at Center for Migration and Refugees Studies in Egypt. In addition, I have also participated in Erasmus Mundus Exchange Programme of the Lebanese American University and have done a Diploma in International Cooperation and Development from Italian Institute for International Political Studies in Italy.
I believe that the name of university can become a valuable part of my educational and professional success, as I can get a high quality education from this university in my desired field of study. I am sending this statement of purpose to get admission in the MS in International Development Studies program. I would be grateful if the authorities accept my application. I am looking forward to hear from you soon.
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