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Readings on Native and Women of Color - Essay Example

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A writer of an essay "Readings on Native and Women of Color" focuses on the identity of the Indian woman in modern America and the definition of that woman by society. The author proceeds to make a comparison of the Indian woman to the west women…
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Readings on Native and Women of Color
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Extract of sample "Readings on Native and Women of Color"

Download file to see previous pages This is followed by a compilation of self-assessed gender roles in the family unit, as indicated by her mother moving furniture around the home in rearrangement (Allen 34). The third section of the text discusses the foundation of the Indian identity through various struggles of the community, such as martyrs and savages. The themes that are captured in the writing are encompassed in the definition of society. Identity is the foremost theme in the writing in which the identity of the Indian woman is derived from the social and sexual concepts. Identity theme is further enhanced with the inclusion of gender roles and responsibilities, from the expectations of society, and behaviors and acts in which the subjects engaged. In addition, the theme of oppression is captured in the cultural difference between the west and America and the invasion of the other cultures, even though they seemed stronger. A clash of cultures is encapsulated in the discussion of the Indian woman’s identity (Allen 34). Characters in the passage include the author and her mother. This text is a personal reflection and is based on an analysis of the Indian woman and society. The most content present in the text is discussed from an individual’s point of view means that the role of the character is the presentation of data, analysis, and conclusions to the problem identified in the writing. The role of the mother is playing a supporting character to the hypotheses that are proposed by the author (Allen 34). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Readings on Native and Women of Color Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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