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John Q is a film played back in 2002 starring Denzel Washington, who plays the role of an ordinary individual who is a factory worker with his wife Denise and son Michael who are his world. Michael is a young, talented Baseball player who is often jovial and active, although, he…
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The movie John Q Case study
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John Q Film analysis s Introduction John Q is a film played back in 2002 starring Denzel Washington, who plays the role of an ordinary individual who is a factory worker with his wife Denise and son Michael who are his world. Michael is a young, talented Baseball player who is often jovial and active, although, he suffers a serious illness which urgently requires a heart transplant, but John is financially incapable of taking care of the hospital bills, however, vows to do anything essential to safeguard his son’s life. John becomes more desperate with time running out and gamble becomes his only option. He decides to take the emergency room hostage in order to compel the Hope Memorial Hospital undertake the operation on his son. The movie is, however, full of ethical and moral dilemmas all through its course.
Question (1), Evaluate the decisions made in the movie based on ethical and moral dilemmas.
The analysis is based on the decisions made by the characters in the film, for example, considering the dilemma John finds himself in with his son in dire need of heart surgery while he cannot afford the procedure since he did not have a proper health cover policy. The hospital chooses not to play the Good Samaritan and declines to carry on with the operation. This situation confronts John and places him in a dilemma to either accept the fate of his son as suggested by Rebecca Payne, The administrator of the Hope Memorial Hospital or raise funds for the cardiac operation. On the other hand, Rebecca, Payne acted in a utilitarian manner by thinking that assisting John Q and undertaking the operation of free will, not do the society any good since there are many other patients facing the same challenge. The actions of John Q will ultimately resonate well with the jury that focuses on the good intentions of the action. The other action by John Q of freeing the most defenseless patients during the hostage situation, reveal the decent side of John.
Question 2, It is the responsibility of the companies to provide information to their employees regarding changes in health coverage. If the staff is remains unaware of the health coverage status and other issues regarding the services of the company, it will render the staff in given situations to make hurried decisions since there is no code to operate within thus may lead to loss. Regardless of the ordeal, John Q remains with the moral responsibility of keeping a promise he made of ensuring that his son gets the cardiac surgery. In another account, the companies should take into considerations the interests of the employees as much as firm interests are relatively vital. Health cover and other worker benefits are very esoteric and should be comprehensively clarified to employees before making any alterations in their policies.
Question (3), Hope Memorial hospital is a private corporate body, which just like any other private organization conducts its operations with a core objective of making profit and nothing for charity, it is seen when the surgeon declines to offer help although he was able to. The strategies of the firm do not permit any employee to make any decisions regardless of the gravity of the situation at hand. The male Nurse further reveals that their hospital operations tend to go around the law where it only stabilizes the patients but then send them home to die if they do not have a good health insurance to cover the treatment. These policies controlled the behavior of the employees as witnessed in the way Rebecca Payne handled the situation as well as the Surgeon.
West, Jonathan and Evan M. Berman, (2006).The Ethics Edge, ICMA Press,Washington D.C.  Read More
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