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This essay stresses that one fast growing concern in the modern society, legal and medical professions is the increase in use of illicit drugs especially among the youth. Alcoholism and the use of drugs com accompanied with heavy costs in terms of social and economic impact. …
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Economic Impacts of Drugs to the Society
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 One fast growing concern in the modern society, legal and medical professions is the increase in use of illicit drugs especially among the youth. This is associated with a lot of negative impacts not only to the users but also the society at large and as such has become a topic of significant concern to the practitioners in the American justice system. Alcoholism and the use of drugs com accompanied with heavy costs in terms of social and economic impact; healthcare, crime, work life and one’s social networks are some areas adversely affected. it is therefore very important to study and understand the effects of drugs to our today’s society as well as the justice system in America.
Drugs and alcoholism have been with associated with a variety of psychosocial, physical and health problems with significant economic burdens to the society, government and employers. The possession and usage of drugs falls directly under of a number of criminal laws because the associated psychological problems that leads to increased crime rates. It leads to the rise of problem in the individual’s work life such impaired performance, antisocial behavior and absenteeism. Another big problem in the society is addiction and this associated with crime rate increase problems with social and networks destruction of families. It therefore places a lot of pressure to practitioners and the American justice system.
In conclusion therefore, the problem of alcohol and illicit drugs continues to become a major concern not only the criminal justice system but also the entire society. Health, social, economic and work life are some of the areas affected negatively with drugs. I will be studying the topic at length in terms of its importance to the criminal justice system, economy and the larger society as well as ways to curb the problem of drug use.
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