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Summary of Crime and Violence and Political Rights - Essay Example

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The article written by Fernandez and Kuenzi attempts to explore the relationship between the citizens’ perceptions of crime and safety and performance of democracy in a country. It is stressed that it is very important how the citizens react toward crime and public safety…
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Summary of Crime and Violence and Political Rights
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Download file to see previous pages Democracy lacks strength here due to which crime rate is alarming and public safety is a major concern. The authors try to analyse how public’s thinking influences democracy and to what extent. It was found that there is definitely a strong relationship between public’s ideas and possible support for democracy. Both factors are inextricably linked to one another. In fact, regardless of socioeconomic background, any citizen’s perception is as important to predict support and stability for democracy as any other heavily considered socioeconomic variable. The findings of this research report are of great value because they succeed in establishing a relationship which is extremely important to further establishment and consolidation of democracy in any country. These findings can help to acknowledge what exactly was missing before which needs more work to secure democracy. The value of widespread awareness about democracy among citizens was unknown before which is an area where more efforts should be invested.
The article authored by José Miguel Cruz aims to explore why there is a less crime and violence rate in Nicaragua than other Central American countries like El Salvador and Honduras where crime violence is a big national issue. This research study is based on Central America. Nicaragua is the largest Central American country, yet the crime rate here is lower compared to the rest of the region under study. Owing to myriad unexpected political transitions, wars, and troubled conditions, all Central American countries suffered from a lot of ordeal and a state of unexpectedness which gave birth to socioeconomic underdevelopment and poor public affairs. But, it is told that none of these reasons explain why Nicaragua is blessed with a lower crime rate as compared to its fellow countries. Guatemala is a richer country than Nicaragua ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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