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The Rights of Women and the Rights of Humans - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that one of the most sensitive topic but which brings about convergence of minds on the international political arena is human rights. The UN through the Universal Declaration of Human rights defined the standards to be observed internationally…
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The Rights of Women and the Rights of Humans
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Extract of sample "The Rights of Women and the Rights of Humans"

 One of the most sensitive topic but which brings about convergence of minds on the international political arena is human rights. The UN through the Universal Declaration of Human rights defined the standards to be observed internationally when it comes to the rights of all people. This declaration has continued to form the basis for international policies as well as cooperation in terms of human rights. International cooperation in the modern world is greatly influenced by different nations’ respect for human rights; the countries in the developing world for instance who seek economic assistance are evaluated in terms of respect for the rights of citizens. One topic inside the larger debate of human rights that has become very controversial in the recent past is the rights of women. In this paper I will be illuminating on the topic with emphasis why it has been difficult historically and conceptually to as human rights.
To begin with I wish to highlight some of the areas in which our women have been infringed historically. The rights of women are violated through domestic violence such as battering meted at them, sexual discrimination, workplace discrimination on the basis of their genders, decision making in the political processes and many other areas. There are also cultural practices which discriminate unfairly against such as genital mutilation, poor nutrition and denial of education for the girl child in some communities. All these are atrocities directly faced by women on a daily basis but the dilemma both historically and conceptually is how to separate them from human rights. It becomes difficult because women just like men are humans and the question of human rights is invoked there is no differentiation between women and women.
It is very important for every person to realize that there is a difference between gender equality and human rights. In my opinion historical injustices that continue to be committed against women such as rape and denial of the right to education not only amount to violation of their rights as women but as humans. Many nations around the world have made deliberate efforts in terms of policy to educate their citizenry on the importance of treating women as equals with their male counterparts and abandon negative cultural practices such genital mutilation which negatively affect the lives of women. But the practices continue to happen on a daily basis, rape continues to happen, mutilation and denial of quality education continues in some communities. This are practices advanced by communities and individuals who ignorant and linking them to failure by political systems to address discrimination against women is not easy. They are more of cultural and personal issues than policies issues and are challenges to efforts by governments to promote equality.
In conclusion therefore gender equality is different issue from human rights but important to human rights. It requires the participation of every person in order to educate the whole world that women and men are equal and perpetrators of injustices against women cannot be tolerated. The he or she campaign therefore is a very important step towards equality and universal observation of human rights. Through education and economic empowerment, the negative practices advanced by individuals and some communities which are still backward will one day come to an end. Then women and men will all be able to stand for and defend their rights as humans and not on the basis of their genders. Equality will then be normal but distinct form human rights and the campaigns will be for the rights to be observed with dignity. The current debates and campaigns about the right of women therefore represent another right step in the direction of universal human rights. Read More
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