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Globalized Society Erases Borders Between People - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that essential differences between people and their cultures have cause certain problems in society no matter how globalized or not it is. Still nowadays we live in situation of global integration and mixture of cultures that's why people feel much easier to communicate…
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Globalized Society Erases Borders Between People
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Extract of sample "Globalized Society Erases Borders Between People"

Essential differences between people and their cultures have cause certain problems in society no matter how globalized or not it is. Still nowadays we live in situation of global integration and mixture of cultures that's why people feel much easier to communicate and cooperate with each other, despite having different fundamental assumptions about the world, for example, like those that easterners and westerners have.
Western and eastern people are considered to be the two main opposites in cultural context of the world. Easterners is a kind of culture with specific mentality, which is steadier and less martial than Westerners’. The first fundamental difference between these cultures is religion. Western religion is mostly Christian (including all the confessions) which presupposes certain ethics and beliefs, so western religious traditions are totally different from the eastern ones. For example, Chinese original religion Confucianism cannot be even called “religion” as it looks like just a certain ethical doctrine based on political values. Meanwhile, Indian-originated Buddhism is totally metaphysical and partly mythical religion that also doesn’t have such traditional god as westerners understand the concept of god. But as we can see, nowadays we are far from that times when different religious views influenced people’s communication. Moreover, we even use each other’s practices in everyday life; for instance, such eastern religious practice like yoga has become widely popular among westerners so far, as it is quite applicable even separately from the religion it belongs to.
As we live in the world without any borders we frequently interact with multiple cultures. Meeting them, we can often feel like we are being misunderstood at the very beginning. But it is the matter of time. Just in short notice it becomes easy for us to understand each other like if we were from the same culture, because in fact our fundamental assumptions about the world don’t play important role in our communication. This is obviously the result of globalization of society, as we don’t even notice that with availability of information worldwide our cultures are slowly mixing and integrating with each other. Another reason is global migration of people from different cultures to other places to live, because they bring their cultures and often disseminate information about them within the new environment. Both eastern and western people study at the same universities and learn the same things. While doing this people from all over the world help to integrate their views into one big system which definitely helps them to understand each other better. All these facts show how globalization influences our everyday life and world view, as the fact that we understand opposite cultures much better than our ancestors did proves that it is broaden globalized society what makes us so integrated with each other.
Even though westerners and easterners are considered to be completely different cultures that have almost opposite fundamentals of worldview, stills it is possible to say that borders between them are erased nowadays. As far as globalized society has no limits in information and movement, all cultures and people have become integrated into each other which makes our mutual understanding possible. Read More
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