Utilitarianism on Terminating Employees versus Truthful Environmental Reporting - Essay Example

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This study presents an analytical criticism based on the comparison between utilitarianism on terminating employees and truthful environmental reporting.This paper illustrates that a rule utilitarian might advise to follow the rule of prioritizing the interests of shareholders…
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Utilitarianism on Terminating Employees versus Truthful Environmental Reporting
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that a rule utilitarian might assert that the best rule is one that favors shareholder interests in the long run which entails following government policies about emission levels because doing so protects the latter’s long-term interest. A company cannot exist and will not stay long without shareholders, so their happiness matters the most in this scenario. Furthermore, thinking about their interests can also satisfy the interests of workers for having lasting jobs, so this rule is not entirely bad for the interest of the many. However, shareholder happiness must not be based on temporary goal fulfillment but on long-term interests. John Stuart Mill asserts that the quality of happiness matters in making the right decisions. He believes that humans are rational creatures who use “higher faculties” and “nobler feelings” to make the best decisions for their happiness. This case demands high-level thinking about the long-term good of shareholders which includes not breaking laws. If the author will not publish the report and the environmental agency of the department finds out that the emission levels next year surpass the legal limits, the government will close factory operations which will detrimentally affect shareholders and employees alike.  The decision to publish the report is important in ensuring that the company will follow policies on emissions levels and find the best technology to comply with them.  A rule utilitarian might suggest going ahead and publishing the report so that the company can prepare for buying the latest technology, even if it is expensive because it will prevent future problems that will harm shareholder interest more. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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