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Grand Theory in IR - Essay Example

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According to review of the debating scenario, it has been identified that John and Bruce were debating on the effect of chaos on global politics. In this context, Alex has shared his opinion regarding the issue (Wendt 391-425). …
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Grand Theory in IR
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Extract of sample "Grand Theory in IR"

Grand Theory in IR THESIS MENT The objective of the essay questions is to review the viewpoints of Alex with proper arguments. EXPLANATION
According to review of the debating scenario, it has been identified that John and Bruce were debating on the effect of chaos on global politics. In this context, Alex has shared his opinion regarding the issue (Wendt 391-425). Alex tried to stop the impasse between John and Bruce. In order to do such, Alex has propositioned his thoughts regarding the effect of anarchy on world politics. In this context, Alex has introduced a new dimension regarding power and politics in the United States (Ostrom and Job 541-566).
In order to identify the paradigmatic and/or epistemological approach, Alex has considered institutionalism approach based on the argumentative discussion (Wendt 391-425).
Considering the term institution, it has been perceived that realists’ believers are recognizing the importance of international relations as institutions of power politics, where the primary emphasizes the anarchy. On the other hand, liberal believers believe that anarchy is a positive structure of power, which is usually a practice of cooperative behavior with self-interest and self-help (Mitchell and Moore 438-452).
"Self-help" approach is a collective term through which a realist or a liberal can describe institutionalized global politics (Wendt 391-425).
Power and self-help can be “institution” through the practice of simple learning to identify the behavioral interest (Wendt 391-425).
The theories assumed that anarchy plays a significant role in politics (Ostrom and Job 541-566).
Thus, according to Alex’s propositions regarding the effect of anarchy on world politics, it can be asserted that he disagreed with the concept of realist or liberal, as he realized institutionalisms as self-interested, motivate behavior and typical nature of interactions among actors to practice institutional force and co-operation between nations (Wendt 391-425).
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