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Ancient and Medieval Political Theory - Essay Example

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The dialogue Crito is written by Socrates in prison after the unlawful detention. It tries to bring out the use of the law in justifying a wrong which was…
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Ancient and Medieval Political Theory
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Extract of sample "Ancient and Medieval Political Theory"

Apology and Crito by Socrates, cover a myriad of issues, which includes interpretation and wrongful application of the law. The dialogue Crito is written by Socrates in prison after the unlawful detention. It tries to bring out the use of the law in justifying a wrong which was conducted by the Greeks. Apology on the other hand deals with trying to explain the core mandate of Socrates work. Socrates is not considered true in his approach, but in his argument in the apology, he presents the real state of the problem, and his role in the society. The charges against Socrates were raised from the general prejudices, which surrounded him over the years he taught philosophy which is simply an approach employed by politicians across the generations and time. The rigidity to accept new concepts that could change the society is depicted in the general prejudices against Socrates.
In fact, the core issue in the argument is the failure to acknowledge a current leadership. In addition, Socrates is neither considered a physicalist, nor a Sophist by the accusers1. The false image of Socrates arose from misunderstanding the activity of Socrates which is a true reflection in political rivalry and competition. The role of law in the society is reflected on how it is interpreted by the users. In the case of Socrates, he feels that the imprisonment was a result of wrong interpretation of the law. The understanding of the roles of the individuals in society is presented by Socrates to instigate change in the society2. The death sentence of Socrates is presented in two-perspective; for those who voted for his acquittal, and those who voted for his death. In conclusion, the Crito and Apology by Plato presents the truth about his case and interpretation of the law.
Plato. The Apology of Socrates. Athens: Joint Assoc. of Classical Teachers, 1980. Read More
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Ancient and Medieval Political Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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