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Many organizations fail to price their goods and services fairly. Such organizations are faced with ethical dilemmas. Unfair pricing happens when…
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Ethical Challenges realted to Leadership roles in Organizations
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Ethical Challenges related to Leadership roles in Organizations Creating an environment that supports better trading conditions isthe responsibility of the people in leadership positions. Many organizations fail to price their goods and services fairly. Such organizations are faced with ethical dilemmas. Unfair pricing happens when business leaders employ marketing strategies that are too costly to the consumers, but profitable to the business (Steers, 2010).
Unfair pricing is bullying and unethical in the business field. The leaders have a role of not justifying this practice. Fair pricing is ethical because it brings confidence that the goods and services the customers have bought have not been made at the expense of workers in the global supply chains enjoying their rights (Bohlman, 1993).
A good ethical decision favoring fair pricing would make international trade work better for the whole people in the world, especially the disadvantaged. Such case demands the people in leadership to promote fair pricing because it will address the issue of trade injustices and discrimination against the consumers (Steers, 2010).
There is less involvement of the most governments in regulating fair pricing in the markets. It is because most countries have weak law enforcement aimed at protecting customers, hostile environment to trade unions, and few people are members of unions that fight for fair pricing. However, most governments promote fair pricing. It is legal in most countries for retailers to charge high prices because it will pay the workers a wage they can afford to live on. On the contrary, it is unethical to charge these high prices because most consumers find it as bullying (Steers, 2010).
Leaders have to step up and ensure there is fair pricing in the markets. They ought to respond constructively to unfair pricing allegations because it is a matter of good practice.
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