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Business Ethics Case Study - The Nice Guy - Essay Example

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There are several corporate issues to be discussed under the umbrella term of ‘business ethics’ such as corporate social responsibility (CSR)…
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Business Ethics Case Study - The Nice Guy
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Download file to see previous pages eople holding different managerial positions to possess leadership skills so that problem solving and decision making are done effectively and efficiently. This paper addresses the key aspects related to business ethics and discusses the essential leadership qualities required for ethical problem solving and strategic decision making. Let us first understand what business ethics is and how it relates to leadership issues and the overall business environment.
In order to understand the relevance of ethical values in business, it is important to first realize the organizational structure as a social institute. An organization is formed by a collective group(s) of individuals with a vision to develop a network of common interest. Managers and executives are responsible for directing the resources of the organization. Shareholders are the owners of the capital, who expect profitable outcomes of their investment. Then there are employees who produce the goods in return of a decent wage and safe working conditions. In other words, all these groups are interlinked to one another, and a perfect balance between them creates the conditions essential for a successful business enterprise. Maintaining this balance is important for the management of the company in the sense that miscalculation in the balance can actually negatively affect the ethical system of the company. As Guy (1990, 4) states, “For an enterprise to continually give value to human effort and to encourage creative achievements, a balance of all interests is required.”
While discussing ethics, it is important to talk about other related terms such as values and morals. Values refer to the core beliefs of what is desirable in an organization. Values considerably affect the choices made in business decisions, which further includes the aspects of ethics or morals. This paper does not aim to distinguish the definitions of ethics or morals. In short, both ‘ethics’ and ‘morals’ signify the codes of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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