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Political Influences - Essay Example

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The term lobbying refer to the process of an individual or a group advocating in the favor or against a particular interest that has been taken up by the government and the policies that the government makes may impact those who are associated with that particular interest…
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Political Influences
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Extract of sample "Political Influences"

Lobbying The term lobbying refer to the process of an individual or a group advocating in the favor or against a particular interest that has been taken up by the government and the policies that the government makes may impact those who are associated with that particular interest (Hrebenar 42). Lobbying is conducted by lobbyist who are registered and they usually have quite close contact with the government policy makers and in certain cases lobbyist are those individuals who have already served as a part of the government. The job of a lobbyist is to inform the members of the government regarding the interest of the common man or businesses as their interest is at stake when the government is making policies. They educate the policy makers regarding the pros and cons that are associated with a particular decision (Mahoney 215). The policy makers then take into consideration this information to devise policies. For example: during the period of 2013, an interest group regarded as Minnesotans United for All Families lobbied against a policy that would have been implemented and would have banned same sex marriage in the state. The interest group was involved in the hiring of a total of 14 lobbyists who lobbied in against the law that the government was going to pass in order to ban same sex marriage ( 1). In this example an interest group that was trying to protect the interest and the rights of LGBT was involved in the process of lobbying by hiring lobbyist and were successful in their effort.
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Political Influences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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